Xverse Wallet launches Ledger hardware support for Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens

Xverse Wallet has launched hardware support for Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. Users can now connect their Ledger devices using the Xverse App Chrome extension to offer a seamless experience for digital asset management.

Xverse users can now store their digital assets on Ledger

Xverse Wallet allows users to store Bitcoin, BRC-20 and Bitcoin Ordinals. It is a software wallet built on Stacks, a Layer-1 Bitcoin protocol employing smart contracts. 

Being a software wallet, Xverse is non-custodial and virtual, meaning that private keys are under the user’s control and supervision. Even though such wallets are considered less secure than hardware wallets, they are considered safer than non-custodial wallets since the user maintains full control of the wallet. 

Xverse Wallet has implemented a new feature allowing users to connect their Ledger devices. Ledger hardware wallets have gained the trust and appreciation of millions of users worldwide. Ordinals and BRC-10 holders can now securely store their assets on Ledger devices using Xverse for the first time, giving the expanding community of Ordinals enthusiasts the highest degree of security. 

Xverse Wallet and Ledger integration 

Users now have the chance to download the Xverse Chrome browser extension to connect to Ledger to access the new feature. They can then create a new wallet and select Connect Hardware Wallet, ensuring the Ledger device is updated to the latest version, unlocked, connected to Bitcoin, and authorized by the browser. 

Xverse advises that users only use a dedicated Ledger device for Ordinals and avoid using Ledger Live and other wallets not ordinals-aware with the same device. Keeping this in mind, users can verify Bitcoin payments and Ordinals generated on the Ledger device used. The user then has to name their account, which will show at the top of the account list. After that, they can send and receive Ordinals, BTC and BRC-20 tokens using the Xverse App and the Ledger device.

For transactions, users can prepare the transaction using their Ledger address. They can connect and unlock their Ledger and confirm the transaction.According to Xverse, since Bitcoin ordinals are still in their infancy, it is recommended that only experienced users who have a firm grasp of UTXO management store and maintain ordinals using their Ledger device. It’s also crucial to remember that moving ordinals still has some risk of possible loss and should only be done at your discretion.