Crypto’s Security firm CertiK receives acknowledgement from Apple Inc

In a groundbreaking development that’s creating ripples in the crypto world, CertiK, often hailed as the guardian angel of crypto security, has caught the eye of tech titan Apple Inc.

Apple’s latest IOS Update mentions CertiK Audit

The release notes published on Apple’s website on July 27, 2023, mentions CertiK Skyfall Team twice under the Kernel section.

The security firm’s team, among other independent researchers, solved a critical issue in several iPhone lineages that could allow a malicious application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

This issue seemed to have been outsourced to teams and individual security researchers for possible solutions. While one ‘Pangu Lab’ solved the issue by addressing the integer overflow with “…improved input validation”, CertiK Skyfall Team approached the problem with “…improved memory handling.”

CertiK is a highly respected security firm in the blockchain space, and the fact that they are also making an impact in the traditional tech industry is something to be applauded for.

Apple’s tight security standards in Blockchain applications

Apple’s high-security standards offer significant advantages for decentralized applications (dApps). By mandating rigorous security protocols, Apple ensures that all applications on its platform are thoroughly audited and secure. It reduces the chances of security breaches and enhances the trust and confidence of users in these applications.

The security startup is acknowledged in these release notes means that its work speaks for itself. Applying such security measures to dApps and protocols could drastically reduce crypto scams and exploits.

DApps, in particular, are often targets for hackers due to their financial value, offering additional protection. Moreover, Apple’s commitment to security, demonstrated in its collaboration with blockchain security firms like CertiK, hints at a future where blockchain applications are mainstream, probably on the iOS platform. It would provide a huge boost to the blockchain industry at large.

CertiK was launched to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape in the blockchain industry. It was co-founded in 2018 by Professor Ronghui Gu, an assistant professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, and Zhong Shao, a professor of Computer Science at Yale University.